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Tithe - What Does the Bible Say?

What does the Bible teach about the Tithe?  There is often much confusion surrounding this issue.  Unfortunately, I don't believe that the confusion exists because the difficulty of the subject matter, but rather because of a lack of Biblical knowledge and understanding.  The purpose of this article is to lay out what the Bible says about the tithe, and to expose what it does not say about it.

Below are some questions about the tithe that we will be answering:
  1. Is the tithe really ten percent?
  2. Does the tithe have to be money?
  3. To whom is the tithe to be given?
  4. Was the tithe a part of the Mosaic law?
  5. Does the Bible command the Christian to tithe?
1.  Is the tithe really ten percent?
First of all, what does the word "tithe" mean?  It means simply "tenth."  If you study the meanings of the variations of Greek and Hebrew words used in the Biblical text that are translated into variations of the word "tithe," you will arrive at the simple conclusion that it means "tenth."  This should answer the first question many people have: "Is the tithe really ten percent?"  The answer is yes simply because that's what the word means.

2.  Does the tithe have to be money?